Affiliates and Clergy

As a national supporting body, we can offer information and other resources across the country, thus saving time, money, and effort for the smaller organizations, groups, events, and gatherings that would find the paperwork and legalities a burden.

Pagan Humanism is ideally suited to provide a space where anyone with influences from many traditions can go not just to worship, but to get together, to organize, and to be validated and do work in the world. Paganism in general has always been tolerant of other traditions, as well as pantheist, and can provide an emotionally and spiritually satisfying experience for those who might otherwise not feel welcome in most other communities, without insisting on following any set of traditions or deities, or even, and this is the kicker, any deity at all. It’s always better to be MORE inclusive than less, wouldn’t you say?

As humanists and activists, we don’t expect everyone to be on the front lines. We do, however, expect our affiliates and ministers to share our queer inclusive, gender abolitionist, trans friendly, polya promoting, sex positive, anti-ablest, anti-racism, and anti-patriarchy views. Active anti-capitalism is optional. And I can’t believe I have to say this, but…no white nationalists, no “hate speech is free speech” advocates, no fetishistic European identities. We are a Nazi free zone.

Our motto, quoted by one of our directors, is “basically, don’t be a d*ck”.

It sounds better in Latin.


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