US Pagan Conference: Request for Submissions

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with this but we do encourage learned discourse and attendance.

13th Conference on Current Pagan Studies
Visions of the Future
January 28-29, 2017
Claremont Graduate University

Since the early sixties, the handful of magical practitioners in the United States has blossomed into over a million self-identifying Contemporary Pagans involved in a wide variety of traditions. Historically, the Pagan movement, which began in small, often isolated initiatory groups, has been enriched by the Women’s Movement, forged community through the festival scene, dispersed across the internet, and is currently differentiating into a wide variety of Reconstructionist Paganisms, Traditional Witchcrafts and creative permutations.Given this trajectory, what are our prospects going into the future? How might our Contemporary Paganisms change and grow? What do we preserve from the past, both as practice and in archival form? How will this movement foster and build interconnected and interdependent communities? How will we interface with other faith-based communities? Additionally, as we move from small, exclusive largely Witchcraft communities into mainstream culture, becoming visible and exercising our civil liberties, our membership moves from a self-sufficient self-sustaining, hands-on technology to consumerism.

Where does your praxis intersect with your vision? How, as a Pagan, how do you improve the future? What do you think is important as you contemplate the future?
We are looking for papers from all disciplines. A community needs artists, teachers, scientists, healers, historians, philosophers, educators, thinkers, activists, etc.
As usual, we are using Pagan in its most inclusive form, covering pagans, wiccans, witches and the numerous hybrids that have sprung up as well as any indigenous groups that feel akin to or want to be in conversation with Pagans.
Abstracts should be no longer than 300 words and are due by September 20, 2016. Go to our website

for advice on presenting papers. Please email abstracts attached as Word Documents to


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