Our Scope and Mission

We are a legally incorporated religious not-for-profit in Canada, with all the rights and responsibilities of any other religious institution. We offer our services to any groups or individuals who wish to worship or do spiritual work in the world without relying on conventional or exclusive organizations. Our principles include:

1) To promote religions based on reason that recognises individual need for spiritual guidance through life’s challenges and moral decisions.

2) To promote the use of rational thought in conjunction with spiritual worship or ritual.

3) To promote religious traditions, rituals and knowledge, especially Aboriginal or folk, alongside scientific inquiry.

4) Provide a means by which communities of like minded people of similar religious beliefs can be established.

5) To establish places of worship in accordance with the traditions, rites and practices of our members.

6) Establish, maintain, and conduct multipurpose outreach programs, schools, social work, community living, and research facilities.

7) Be an umbrella organization for fledging churches and organizations to provide funding and support to worship as they chose, after submission for approval.

Each congregation is encouraged to develop its own mission with the guidance of the principles of humanism and in keeping with the spiritual focus, goals, and world view of their philosophy, tradition, or matron deity. We encourage personal development as well as work within the world in a very practical manner and seek to provide many forms of spiritual life to accommodate those goals, including devotes such as nuns and monks, full-time clergy, and lay practitioners.



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